Essential History provides an overview of the major developments in -history. Each double-page summarises the most important historical and cultural events, -organised by region and era. Special boxes provide background information about the cultural, religious and social aspects that -influenced the course of history. Biographical boxes convey information about individuals whose lives still inspire the imagination today, like Tutankhamen, Julius Caesar, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela. On each double-page timelines list the events dealt with on each double-page and refer to related pages. Thus they provide a clear and continuous chronology. In addition, the individual -chapters are connected by a handy reference system.  

160 x 120 mm / 6.3 x 4.7 inch, 544 pp,
1.500 illustrations, published 2007
rights sold: USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Turkey