Why is water tomorrow’s oil? How do es a jet engine work? Will biochips change the world ? – Our world has become extremely difficult to understand, and almost no question can be answered without in-depth information. As a result, most people specialize in specific fields of interest and “lose the bigger picture.”
The Book of Knowledge is a guide through this information jungle: It selects the most important information from all fields of knowledge and puts them in their context (which an encyclopedia does not). The result is a multi-faceted, thrilling handbook of general knowledge that makes sense of today’s ever more complex world.

265 x 210 mm / 10.4 x 8.3 inch, 512 pp,
2.000 illustrations, published 2007
rights sold: USA, Canada, UK, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, France, Italy, Australia, Romania, Croatia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, Chile, Argentina